Clever Little Stories

The idea for the project is related to a pressing problem for our society, precisely: Our children are less aware of the Bulgarian traditions. Detachment in urban environment does not only lead to ignorance of our folklore, but also to loss of the traditional Bulgarian art. As school program is limited, children are receiving less knowledge of Bulgarian folklore music, songs, dances and costumes in preschool and school environment. Idea of ​​these folklore arts can be obtained only on television or radio, and only in rare cases - in direct contact at concerts, fairs, festivals and etc. Ignorance of our folklore and incomprehensible to the young generation language of tradition leads us to its rejection, and afterwards - to the loss of our national identity and self-esteem.

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The Identifying of the problem came spontaneously and almost simultaneously from the leaders of the various groups of the ensemble to the community center and the parents of the children, involved in these groups. As a result there were informal discussions and consultations, which have created a new approach and a form of its overcoming. All people involved in the problem definition, shared the basic thesis that in order to be understood, the mystery of our folklore must be explained and told in simple language for the modern generation. On the other hand - to be created a real idea of ​​folklore as syncretic art that combines music, recreated with typical instruments, songs and dances, as well as typical for the area national costumes. Combining the readability of Stage Concert with educational opportunities of lecture was able to accomplish the primary task. So our children can get this information in full details - with the opportunity to "touch" the costumes, to "play" the bagpipe, fiddle, flute, drum and tambourine, to "dance" a national dance and sing Bulgarian folklore song.

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With the implementation of the project was created performance – lecture, supposed to introduce children at preschool and school age to Bulgarian folklore and traditions and to provoke their interest in it. The script was adapted for the age group 5-12 years, so in a comprehensible and accessible way for children to provoke their interest. The narrator is a favorite character for children - Clever Peter, who imperceptibly introduces pictures from the life of our ancestors, presents folklore instruments, demonstrates and explains the most typical dances and customs of each region. All this is achieved with the voluntary work of the dancers in the ensemble "Balkan" at the community center with the help of five professional musicians and an actor. 

The project was financed by the Ministry of Culture.