Ensemble BALKAN

Folklore Dance Ensemble Balkan was established in 1954. Unfortunately there is no detailed information about the first 20 years since its establishment. However, we remember the leaders of the ensemble in the first years of its existence – Peter Zachariev, Todor Kjuchukov, Stefka Momcheva, Jordan Yanakiev, Milan Stamenov, Parvan Stoev, Angel Dimitrov. In the heritage they bequeathed us and we are still performing to this day: „Suite from Shopski Region“ of Mrs. Margarita Dikova, which was set under the leadership of Mr. Jordan Yanakiev; from Mr Parvan Stoev remained „Madcap“ – in choreography of his daughter Julia Stoichkova and from Mr. Angel Dimitrov – „By the River“ – dance which was performed for many years with great pleasure by our children’s groups. Unforgettable remain the meetings and joint work with the unique Metodi Koutev, with Margarita Dikova, Todor Karapchanski, Aneta Ashikova, Snejka Petrova, Hristo Ivanov (on the occasion of „Erkechki Dances“ and „Wild Youngsters”), with Yordan Nikolov („Men Pirin Dance“), with our teachers and friends Emil Genov, Georgi Abrashev, Krassimir Petrov. All these people left a part of themselves in the ensemble, they taught us not just a few steps, but treatment of Bulgarian folklore and dance.

 Thus dancer after dancer, step by step, dance after dance, scene after scene … no one can count the number of dancers, passed through the groups of Balkan, the concerts been performed over the years, the people delighted with our performances. The striving to be the best, to absorb the intricacies and have our own style remains invariable.

 We are students and working people, men and women, some are married, others – in love. We have different interests, different education, different opportunities. We are amateurs or, as it is fashionable to be called – fanciers. We are proud to spend time, work, energy, emotions and, last but not least, finance to preserve and make popular the miracle BULGARIAN FOLKLORE.

 We love Bulgarian folk dances, our music, our songs and the beauty of our costumes. We have accepted as our main task to “infect” with that love. Along the path, we have taken we meet people who are happy and proud to help us.

We know the meaning of calling ourselves BULGARIANS.