Traditional bulgarian wedding

Dancers and musicians of "Balkan" will present to you 217311_208344112523025_5837400_nthe Bulgarian wedding such as it has been over the centuries, filled with emotion, rituals, merriment and graceful Bulgarian national dances! You will dive into the richness of delightful wedding customs and colorful folklore dances from different regions of our country. Our dances are a replica of the well-known works of classical Bulgarian choreography, skillfully inwrought with recreated authentic national customs.The performances are under the accompaniment of traditional Bulgarian instruments – flute, bagpipe, fiddle, drum and tambourine.

221766_208344062523030_1463883_n The performance is developed in a way, that different number of dancers can participate, consistent with the space you have.

At any point in the performance, regarding your wish, it is possible the young couple and the wedding guests to take part. For your wedding you can choose different fragments of the prepared program, depending on when you want it to be presented - at the beginning of the feast day or later, when your guests are already enjoying the party.

221757_208344125856357_5081911_nRegarding your preferences, our dancers may only "lead" winding “horo” at the wedding.

If you wish, the ensemble could also arrange the participation of professional singers who could perform yours or your guests’ favorite Bulgarian folklore songs.

It is possible to engage the musicians to accompany the bride out of her father's house.

Ensemble "BALKAN" offers individual dance lessons, in order to be prepared for the wedding fun and surprise your guests with expertly performed Bulgarian national dances.

And most importantly – in order to give the holiday the look of your soul and emotion, the dancers and musicians of ensemble Balkan are ready to respond to all your ideas, to participate in special surprises to create a unique for your party choreography, making this most special day for the young couple in a truly unforgettable experience!